Training for teachers


A series of short courses that can be done independently online or presented to groups within your educational setting.



A comprehensive, flexible course providing information and strategies around identifying and managing different types of Anxiety in children, in the classroom. Available as Group INSET or individual training, the course can be completed digitally or by hand.

Designed for teachers, teaching assistants and support staff.

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feedback from the training

“This is a very helpful and useful resource. As I was reading this I could see specific children slotting into different types. 

I like the worksheets and the greatest value would come from group discussions at staff training. 

I think non teaching staff would find this particularly helpful and accessible."

Dame Reena Keeble EdD

Former Primary Head Teacher


"Well done on creating a very attractive & eminently practical classroom resource."

Dr Ruth MacConville

Author, Education Consultant & Former Head of SENS, London Borough of Ealing


"...fantastic, one of the clearest and user friendly ways of approaching Attachment and its manifestations to staff."

Therapist and Supervisor  


"...easy to follow and allowed lots of opportunities for reflection."


Head of Early Years


"It was very helpful and makes me feel more prepared for Sept."


Primary school teacher


"It has reduced my anxiety when thinking about the new children joining in Sept (particularly in light of COVID19)."


Primary school teacher


"It has reduced my anxiety when thinking about the new children joining in Sept (particularly in light of COVID19)."


Primary school teacher

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Training for support staff



A modular online course for professionals who are looking to improve their communication skills and management of challenging conversations, while supporting young people.

Learn to implement and practice self-regulation techniques, professional boundaries and self care for you and the person in your care. Using Sand, learn to facilitate positive communication and reflection in challenging conversations. 

Delivered online for groups of up to 6 participants, this interactive course uses a Powerpoint presentation, your own workbook and experiential opportunities to cater for all learning types. 

Designed for support staff at youth centres, pupil referral units, care homes, young offender facilities, outreach and community service programmes.

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feedback from the training

Having reviewed the "Breaking down barriers-Conversations in the sand" course, created by Mic and Kate of Indigo Therapeutic Services, I highly recommend this for anyone who is passionate about the emotional wellbeing of the young people in their care. 

Mic and Kate have drawn on their extensive therapeutic learning, experience and innate skills to create a framework that holds the practitioner whilst unpacking the detailed nuances of interaction and communication that makes up a positive and empowering relationship. This is all taught in an engaging, warmly interactive, accessible and practical manner so that the learning is embedded into the reality of each participant's practical experience with young people.

In essence, this course is life-changing. It has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to not only get to the heart of what is needed to offer a solid support but also will transform the understanding and skill-base of every professional working with young people in their community.

[Lara Kasza, creator of SandStory Skills®]