As part of iNDIGO's tailor-made service, Kate and Mic generate resources to meet the needs of parents and teachers as they present themselves. This could include a tailor-made training for a particular issue, ebooks on a range of relevant topics or resources responding to significant events that affect our community.

FREE COVID-19 Schools Transition support resource 

Email: to receive your pack.

In response to the staggered reopening of schools, we have created a FREE resource for teachers and TAs to support the management of Anxiety generated by transitioning back into school

This stand alone pack follows a similar structure to the Emotional Well-being care packs, with user friendly links and activities.

Emotional Well-being support - VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT SERVICE


If  you would like to speak to us for advice, strategies and tools to support your home environment and your children’s emotional well-being, we offer 45 minute appointments to meet with you via Zoom, Skype or on the phone.

An appointment with Kate or Mic to discuss tailored strategies to improve and sustain your family's emotional well-being.
45 min

FREE COVID-19 Emotional Well-being support - FAMILY CARE PACKAGE

Email: to receive your pack.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the limited access to schools, families have had to adapt to home schooling and isolation. Recognising the stress this has created for families, we have produced a digital Emotional Well-being package designed for Primary school children. The package contains lots of useful resources including: links to creative activities, relaxation music, physical exercise, mindfulness activities, nutrition information. This is not therapy but the packs do offer bitesize information about why these activities may help. We have included a variety of resources that can be printed or done online, so all you need is an internet connection.


Each week focuses on a different animal and its associated symbolism  to deliver an emotional well-being message using metaphor. 

As part of the initiative, and in the hope of building an online community in this time of isolation, we have launched our online gallery. This showcases all your fantastic creative work in response to the care packages each week. If you have some artwork you would like featured, just email us a photo or scan of the work and we can include it in the gallery.

If you, a friend or colleague would like this free resource, email us at and we will add you to our mailing list and send it to you. This is an evolving resource in response to a current crisis. New editions will be sent out on a Tuesday. The first edition was released on the 27th of March 2020. If you have joined the mailing list since that date, and would like the previous issues, please get in touch with us and we will send them to you. (A list of publications can be found below.)

WEEK 1: THE ZEBRA. The Zebra represents community and safety and numbers which felt a poignant start. 

WEEK 2: THE PENGUIN. The Penguin represents adaptability, flexible thinking and finding order in chaos.
WEEK 3: THE PANDA. The Panda represents inner peace and strength.
WEEK 4: THE GIRAFFE. representing self-acceptance and perspective.
WEEK 5: THE HIPPO. The Hippo is symbolic of staying calm in a crisis and navigating our emotions with clarity.
WEEK 6: THE TIGER. The Tiger is symbolic of inner strength, will power and resilience.
WEEK 7: THE DOLPHIN. The Dolphin is symbolic of balance and positive communication.
WEEK 8: THE BEE. The Bee represents productivity and rising to challenges.
WEEK 9: THE CAMEL. The Camel represents endurance and perseverance.
WEEK 10: THE ELEPHANT. The Elephant represent family and unity.
WEEK 11: THE SEAHORSE. The Seahorse symbolises strength, power and good luck.
WEEK 12: THE RACCOON. The Raccoon symbolises adaptability and intelligence.
WEEK 13: THE BIRD. The Bird symbolises evolution and diversity.
WEEK 14: THE BUTTERFLY. The Butterfly symbolises transformation and new beginnings.