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Here we would like to introduce you to some collaborators and creatives we have met, that we think might interest you.




Prospex is a charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged, young people aged 8-21 in the borough of Islington realise their full potential. Prospex inspires young people to see beyond their current circumstances, giving them the tools they will need to move forward and make decisions for themselves that will help them become valuable members of their communities. 

iNDIGO Therapeutic Services is proud to be partnering with Prospex on the PLC (Prospex Listens and Cares) Emotional Well-being provision, offering support to both young people and their families in North London.

iNDIGO Therapeutic Services is providing online Young People counselling and Parent/Carer coaching using our very successful 6 week Parent coaching programme The Chemistry of Parenting. Click HERE to read more about the programme and what parents and carers have said about it.


new horizon logo.png

New Horizon is a company dedicated to creating beautiful guided meditations and sleep stories for both children and adults. Written and arranged by Lesley and Anthony, each composition offers a gentle escape from every day stress to somewhere peaceful and calm.

New Horizon guided meditations feature in our COVID-19 Emotional Well-being care packages as part of our relaxation activities.

Ideal for use by the whole family, we highly recommend you take a look at the New Horizons YouTube channel and website, or you can download their free app to have their beautiful meditations with you, wherever you are. 

New Horizon website

New Horizon Youtube channel

harriet whitehorn - author

Harriet is a brilliant children's author who has written lots of fantastic books including Violet's mysteries series, Freddie's amazing bakery series and Cass' adventures series.

Harriet has been very generous, creating a video message especially for us about her book" Violet and the mystery of Tiger Island" for our COVID-19 Emotional Well-being care package - Week 6, so that everyone could  experience her beautiful writing for themselves, and their families.

Check out Harriet's work here on her website and YouTube channel.

Harriet's website

Harriet's Youtube channel

alessandra tortone

Alessandra is an incredible mural artist based in London.

Alessandra was amazingly generous during the production of our COVID-19 Emotional Well-being care package , creating 4 original mindful colouring illustrations each week, to go with our animal theme.  

Alessandra works in private residences as well as commercial properties, creating beautiful murals to change the environment we live and work in. 

Check out Alessandra's work here on her website and Instagram account.

Alessandra's website

Alessandra's Instagram account

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