Training for parents and carers

                                    "THE CHEMISTRY OF PARENTING"

                                Parent and carer coaching programme

A six week individual online coaching experience for parents and carers. Discover your parenting style and gain bespoke knowledge and understanding with specific modules on communication, self-regulation, boundaries and self-care to enhance your family relationships and beyond.

This course is also available in a condensed 3 module version for extended family members or partners. This can work well to ensure a consistent approach is used within the family unit. 

The courses are interactive, using a PowerPoint presentation, workbook, exercises and games to empower you as a family with the confidence to create secure and consistent environment at home.

Designed for parents, carers and extended family.


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feedback from parents and carers

What was your most valuable learning experience from the course?

"I felt I learned more about myself."


"[I learnt that] It was ok to say no."


"I didn't feel judged."

“I’ve taken something from every module. It has boosted my confidence.”


Can you describe your experience working with Kate and Mic as your coaches on the Chemistry of Parenting course?

"I have only positive thoughts after finishing this course. I was genuinely looking forward to every weekly session for a friendly chat and felt my confidence improving. I felt understood and supported. It didn’t feel like coach and parent talks at all. It felt like having a cup of tea and chatting to two old, non-judgmental friends with Kate and Mic during our 6-week sessions."


"I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend it."

"I would recommend these sessions to any parent who feels a bit unsure about their parenting skills or like me just needs some confirmation and assurance that they are on the right track, or just sharing ideas. "


"These sessions are very positive, informative and well organised.”

"I really enjoyed the Chemistry of Parenting course with Kate and Mic. It was unlike anything I have done before, or read about...there were many useful takeaways and I hope they will help all of our family."


"Kate and Mic made me feel instantly at ease - never judgemental, always supportive, interested and kind. Parenting is the hardest job of all. What they have put together should make it a little bit easier or more manageable and I definitely recommend it to everyone."

“It has been very positive. Kate and Mic were very friendly. I felt very comfortable. It felt like talking to friends.”

"I did not feel embarrassed with you."


"I didn't think I would finish and I did."


"I never felt I was judged."


"I felt comfortable with you both."


"I liked the book that went with it."


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Emotional Well-being support - VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT SERVICE


If  you would like to speak to us for advice, strategies and tools to support your home environment and your family’s emotional well-being, we offer 45 minute appointments to meet with you via Zoom, Skype or on the phone.

An appointment with Kate or Mic to discuss tailored strategies to improve and sustain your family's emotional well-being.
45 min